“My Bias is Objective, Because I’m Right”

The Wall Street Journal finds the essence of progressive thought very conveniently spelled out.

The anonymous reporter, however, goes far beyond bias, and even beyond bad faith–that is, beyond abusing his credibility as an “objective” reporter to further his cause. To judge by his emails to the reader, he has achieved a perfect Orwellian inversion. He has convinced himself that objectivity and bias (or at least his bias) are one and the same thing.

Exactly. So the press doesn’t need to be fair to conservatives, because we’re wrong. They don’t need to consider our concerns or arguments in an honest manner, because everything we say, no matter how reasonable-sounding, is in service of Wrong, because We’re Wrong. Arguments that we are not wrong cannot seriously be discussed, because they are in service of Wrong, because We’re Wrong. Accusations that this line of reasoning involves the logical fallacy of Begging the Question  is also, regrettably, in service of WRONG, because WE’RE WRONG.

Repeat as necessary.

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