In Which I Import a Project from One of My Dead Blogs…

After a while, the main source of posts at Genre Confusion was a project I call Rating My CD’s. I have, by current guesstimate something like 3-400 of the damn things. I decided, after skimming through other CD blogs, that I would review my own. By Genre Category. In Alphabetical Order.

The Categories are as follows:

  1. Rock/Pop/Country — Honky folk music.
  2. Jazz and Blues — Non-Honky folk music.
  3. Hip-Hop, Rap, Jam and Assorted Electro — Stone Cold Rhymin’ and Synchronized Beeping.
  4. Punk, Metal and Assorted Alternative — Angry Honky folk music.
  5. The Rest of the Mess — Movie Soundtracks, Classical, and other stuff I’m ashamed of.

Each CD receives a Grade. The Grades are as follows:

C = Crap
L = Likes it
LL = Loves it
DI = Desert Island/Essential

To date, I’ve gotten through the first 50 of the first category, from AC/DC to Otis Redding. Which means I need to work faster. Or it could mean I’ll be working on this until my yet-to-be-born kid is in high school. It would be nice to have that level of consistency…

There they are...taunting me...

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